United by Umbro

United by Umbro

As we mark our Centenary milestone at Umbro, we are thrilled to unveil our latest collection, "United by Umbro." This special line of nation-inspired jerseys pays homage to our rich heritage while embracing the spirit of unity and diversity.


At the heart of the collection lies a celebration of iconic kit graphics from our extensive archive. Each jersey is meticulously crafted, with classic designs serving as the foundation for innovative mash-up prints. Made from 100% recycled polyester, these jerseys not only honour the past but also embrace sustainability for the future.





In designing the "United by Umbro" collection, we sought to create pieces that resonate with the unique identity of each country. Wherever possible, we incorporated graphics with direct relevance to the nation in question. For those instances where specific imagery was not available, we took a more generic approach, ensuring that every design reflects the essence of its respective country.

Embellishing the chest of each jersey are premium silicon and woven Centenary logos, alongside meticulously embroidered country-specific crests. Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of heraldry, we curated a selection of traditional and contemporary symbols to represent each nation's identity. A smaller crest within the larger outer shape serves as a nod to the overarching theme of unity that defines the collection.





Completing the "United by Umbro" range are leisure shorts and t-shirts, featuring large country-specific call-outs. These versatile pieces offer fans a stylish way to showcase their pride and allegiance, both on and off the field.


Join us as we celebrate the power of sport to unite nations and cultures. With the "United by Umbro" collection, we invite you to embrace diversity, celebrate heritage, and join us in shaping the future of football fashion.


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